Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pecan Trees: One Year

We have two pecan trees growing - a 2 year old and a little fledgling. Winter time again so really all you are getting is a photo of some sticks. This is not to be mean or anti-climactic but because I want to post the photos once spring rolls around to demonstrate the explosion of leaves and life these things get when they are ready to get it on.

This time last year we thought they were dead. Really - we could not find an inkling of life or greenness in them. Then one morning - WOW - green as far as the eye could see (well as far as their little branches were that is).

A sticky end... I think not!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Passionfruit Vines: A Bumper Harvest

This is the original passionfruit vine that was here when we arrived in March 07. It is growing on the wall of the potting shed (the wall on the left of it is the chicken shed) and this year we have had a bumper crop out of it.

I am trying to train it across the main chicken fence but I think I poorly timed the move with the start of Winter and most of the luxurious green vines I trailed across have died off.

There is a second vine which we transplanted to right against the chicken fence but again, the onset of winter may not have been the best time and there is little apparent life left in it. Perhaps spring will bring it back to life for us. I have no photo of it to post as it is pretty much just a stick which is not very photogenic unfortunately.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chickens: The Great Perch Dilemma

Now chickens aren't the brightest of animals but I had thought that given the choice between a flat plank of wood and a nice cosy perch high up the back of the shed, nicely sheltered, the choice would be a no brainer.

The perches have been set up like a ladder, sloping back to the wall with enough space between each perch to keep the chickens roosting above from dropping poo on the chickens below. There is plenty of room for the birds to roost without being too crowded. Sounds ideal....right...?

Unfortunately our chickens decided that the flat plank of wood we placed above the feeder and waterer (originally put there so they could sit on the window sill during the day without dirtying their resources) was also an ideal perch and there they slept, three fat ladies bustled together on an ever increasingly sloped board.

The solution then appeared to be to simply remove the board and close off the window. Anticipating our reclacitrant ladies would simply sit on the L shaped shelf supports directly above the food and water (they needed to stay as they held up the water and food) we placed two large diameter PVC pipes there to dissuade them.

This was all in vain as my next nightly visit found two chooks perched on the PVC pipe (feet splayed out in the most uncomfortable of fashion) and one cold chook out in the yard who obviously missed the opportunity of a PVC perch and failed to notice the state of the art ladder of perches lovingly constructed at the back of the shed.

At least they lay well!