Saturday, March 28, 2009

Citrus Grove: Lemonaids Galore

This little grove was struggling when we first arrived but we (by which I mean Amy) has been rigorous in watering, mulching and generally maintaining these trees. We put in an additional Mandarin tree at the end of last year which is doing well.

We have 3 Orange Trees, 2 Mandarin Trees and 1 Lemonaid Tree. The Lemonaid Tree is almost overburdened with fruit which is great but we are not sure what to do with our tart bounty. We get the odd Orange as well (if we can beat the wildlife to them!) and the Mandarins are still too young to bear anything.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wildlife: Molly the Labrador

Introducing Molly, our 3 year old Chocolate Labrador. She is our fully automated home defence system leaping into action to attack any dog biscuit, leftover casserole or brand new shoes that invade her space.
We are currently in the process of 'training' Molly out of some of her bad habits.

Chewing shoes - Fail!
Digging up Vege Gardens - Fail!
Sleeping in kennel instead of Outdoor couch - Success!
Knocking over Wheelie Bin to steal food - Fail!
Slobbering on guests - Fail!
Stealing food from table when said guests aren't looking - Partial Success!
Staying inside Property - Partial Success!
Dragging off toys, shoes, hand tools, hard drives - Fail!

Molly is a much loved addition to our family. We bought her in Sep 2007 from a professional breeder up north. She was 18 months old and little did we know - on heat! We just thought the neighbourhood dogs were just being really friendly...until Molly got fatter and fatter...and then the penny dropped. Here are some photos of her brood which have all found new homes now.