Saturday, October 18, 2008

Water Harvesting: The New Tank is in!

Thanks to Col Major of Major Sheds and Tanks in Ipswich we have our new 5,000 gallon water tank installed. Their website is Here.

Added to the existing inground Concrete tank we now have 10,000 gallon clean drinkable water holding capacity. They say an adult drinks about 200 gallons a year so I think we have plenty to get by on.

The main house roof of over 200 sqm pours into the old tank. Its overflow plus the water harvested from the Carport (approx 30 sqm) pours into the new tank. The new tank's overflow joins the pipe carrying the water from the BBQ area (approx 30 sqm) and the double shed (approx 30 sqm) down to the dam. With all the rainfall we have had lately they (tanks and dam) are all pretty much full.

We are on trickle town water here but we have not had to use much of that all over the last 12 months. With the new tank we are banking on not having to use it all again.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chickens: Welcome Ladies

We have chickens!! Our new hens arrived today into their new home. Blood sweat and tears have been poured into its construction and now it has become home to four fat ladies who immediately got down to scratching around the lemon tree and checking our their new digs. It is a proud moment for a pudgy city boy I can tell you.

We have three nesting boxes, angled perches made from old pallets and a wood pile full of delicious bugs and spiders to feast upon. It will be interesting to see the impact on the lemon tree of our new residents as chook poo and activity is apparently very good for fruit trees and citrus in particular.

Lay well ladies and may the force be with you.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Weather: Bureau of Meteorology Data

Here is the data for our area from the Bureau of Meteorology Data. As you can see we have pretty good rainfall but we do hit a dry patch during winter and early spring.