Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lemon Tree: Fowl Happiness

Any concerns of putting the chicken run around our fledgling lemon tree are now moot and void. Since the hens have been scratching and pooping all around it is has grown like there is no tomorrow.

Home grown lemons have a fantastic flavour and the ones we are getting are just delicious - especially as a tea! Slurp!


Mulberry Trees: One Year

Who doesn't love Mulberries? I remember as a kid sneaking down to a mate's place several blocks away to gorge ourselves on Mulberries. Of course the stains across our clothing always gave us away but oh... such sweet crime...

Here we have Mr & Mrs Mulberry one year on. They are doing well though we cut Mr Mulberry back as he is only there to propogate Mrs Mulberry's juicy offerings. Sounds a little sad and somewhat pornographic I know but that's the nature of things.

These trees give great shade once full grown as well so it will be pleasant in a few years to sit in and around these ones... and gorge on mulberries of course...


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Apple Trees: One Year

These tree were bought already one year old from the nursery. The have been planted in pairs to help in pollination and fruit propogation.

Well one year on and the apple trees are coming on...well...there is some life in least we think there is. The Tropical Anna is looking a might.. well... dead... but we are hoping spring will bring on a burst of new life.

We have four trees planted - a Tropical Anna, a Fuji,
a Granny Smith & a Red Delicious. They are paired off and companion planted with Tansies and Nasturtiums. Nasturtiums act as a trap plant for aphids. They are meant to be an ideal plant to keep away the ants who set up pesky aphid herds on apple trees.