Friday, May 28, 2010

Grapevines: Some new residents

We have been debating the appropriateness of planting some grapevines given they seem to be fonder of cooler climes, but having visited some local properties where grapevines are abundant we are sold on the idea of at least trying them out.

We are lucky to have a large fencespace at the back of the pool which faces North and has plastic wire all over it. Full sun and well drained soil is prime real estate for our Vitis friends.

We have two variety of grapes. A Menindee Seedless (bottom) and a Black Muscat (top). They are both delicious grape varieties. The vines are deciduous, don't like to be over fertilised (apparently promotes leaf growth over fruit growth) and appreciate a good cut back in Winter when they go dormant.

Grapes are a very versatile food source and can be eaten raw, jammed, juiced and jellied or turned into vinegar or wine or dried out into Sultanas (Raisins).

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