Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chickens: Mystery Solved

Well the mystery of the disappearing eggs has been solved! And we owe an apology to the reptile kingdom we naively pointed the finger at. It was an avian menace in the end. Two great black crows that were spotted in a tense scuffle with the chickens before smashing one egg and flying off with another. This may also explain the loss of feathers on a couple of the chickens as well.

Enter modern technology. I recalled reading some time ago that one way to help keep away predatory birds from your young chicks was to nail CDs, shiny side up, on the top of the chicken fence and hang them in any high set entry points. This was more aimed at hawks and falcons but I was sure the same technique would deal with thieving crows.

5 days since the installation of the wizzbang though sometime unaesthetic CD curtain and all eggs remain in the nest, the chooks look more relaxed and serenity appears to have returned to fowl central.

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