Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wildlife: Northern Barred Frog

We found this little brown fellow hiding in the grey water pipe during a recent pump replacement. I think it is a northern barred frog and a very junior one at that. If you think I'm wrong please let me know as I am no expert.

The Northern Barred Frog is a large frog, with adults reaching a maximum length of 10 centimetres. It has powerful legs and arms, with a large head and large eyes. It has a brown or copper dorsal surface with irregular, darker blotches along the middle of its back. A dark line runs from the snout, through the eye, and over the tympanum to the top of the shoulder. Like all frogs of the genus Mixophyes, the Northern Barred Frog has bars running across its legs. The toes are fully webbed, the fingers are unwebbed, and the tympanum is visible.
Ecology and beha[[viour

The Northern Barred Frog inhabits dense tropical rainforest (hmmmm), close to fast-flowing streams. It usually hides and hunts in leaf litter. Like Mixophyes iteratus and Mixophyes fasciolatus, this species lays its eggs on the banks of streams. Rain then washes them into the stream where the tadpoles hatch. The tadpoles are very large, reaching a length of 12.5 centimetres. The male will call with a deep "wahk' (that's wahk!) noise.


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