Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chicken Coop Extension - Phase One

We inherited an old dog enclosure from a family member and decided to add it to the back of the chicken coop. It would not only extend the area available to our chooks but would put them in and around our twin avocado trees and the super passionfruit. Chooks are great for fertilising shrubs and trees as long as you can keep them away from the roots.

The whole family pitched in and during a beautiful day of family fun we pulled the wire off one side of the enclosure and attached it to the chicken coop. We wired off the avocados and the passionfruit vine and let the chickens in. The portion nearest the coop is an old sandy loam garden bed so the ladies will enjoy hunting for bugs and worms I'm sure. The chook access to the new section is via a small cut out wire section that can be closed off if we feel the plants and grass need a break.

The bottom image shows the wire around the twin avocados which are still going well. In all the others you can see the super passionfruit vine that is fruiting like there is no tomorrow on the bottom of the main coop.

Phase two of the extension is to attach the coop to the side of the mower shed. This is scheduled for the weekend of 21/22 Aug. I will keep you posted.

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