Friday, June 4, 2010

Capsicums: Let me be

We have grown Capsicums several times in our vege patch but have found that they do better being left alone a little. The seem to resent too much attention. They are another versatile food (I mean really - nature gives us everything we need!) and can be used as spices, vegetables or even medicines. We mainly grow the red capsicums which have very high levels of vitamin C (though yellow and green capsicums have nearly as much) and are also rich in beta carotene which the body makes into vitamin A (important for healthy skin, boosts the immune system, and aids in night vision). They are also generally the most popular as they contain about two teaspoons of natural sugar and are consequently more pleasing to the palate (yellow capsicums have almost as much, but the greens have very little and are more bitter as a result)

This photo is of a current bush that has volunteered itself in our middle garden. We have watered and tended it little leaving it to the odd sprinkle of rain to see how it fared. Very well thank you very much apparently.

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