Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vege Patch: The Extension Project II

The weed mat has now all be put down and we have started putting in the 20mm river stones to create workspaces around the various gardens. The garden area itself is edged with old railway sleepers - at $5 a pop they are a great way to have a nice rustic edge to gardens and other edging.

The area is coming together very nicely - without the constant battle with the in between grasses it will be far easier and more enjoyable to work the gardens. It gives the kids somewhere to play as well as rocks and dumptrucks go very well together.

The boys are all being great helpers with shovelling rocks around as well. Altogether the extension will cost us $50 for the sleepers, $25 in bolts, $90 in weedmatting, $160 in stones totalling $325 for easy access, low maintenance, healthy gardens!


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